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100% Plant Based & 100% Organic

Veganic is Ireland’s first and only 100% plant based & 100% organic supermarket.
Our apples (no pesticides), yogurt (no dairy), juice drinks (no chemicals) chicken nuggets (no 🐔), organic cosmetics (plant based), cleaning products (no toxins) and all products at Veganic are 100% plant based and 100% organic.

Veganic is Dublin city centers only organically certified store and all products are always vegan friendly.
Good for your family’s health and good for the environment.


What we choose to consume today affects the health and environment of tomorrow.

A little bit about us...

Like wider society at Veganic we are a mixed group of people. We are organic enthusiast’s, vegans, flexitarians, zero waste practitioners and omnivores working to live healthier by using more environmentally sound produce. Veganic products are for everyone interested in their health, the environment, quality food and organic products.

What we in Veganic all have in common is that we want to help people eat and consume products that are sustainable (organic), healthy (plant based) and that are positive for the person and positive for the living environment around us. If you take your health, well being and the environment seriously then Veganic is the place for you.

Veganic Supermarket Sections

Eat Organic at Veganic

Meat & Dairy Alternatives

Meat substitute products are easy to cook and a ever popular way to introduce more healthy plant based protein into our diet. At Veganic we have vegan chicken, ground beef, sausage, chorizo, bacon, steak, fish and many more organic vegetable meat substitutes. We also have a range of dairy substitutes products; cheese, yogurt’s, milk, mayonnaise and egg replacements. A wide selection of fresh tofu products are also here in St. Stephens Green and all Veganic meat, dairy and tofu products are always 100% organic.


Veganic has a wide and unique selection of interesting organic and plant based drinks. Get 1 of your 5 a day fruit and veg with our handy apple, peach, pear or pineapple juice drinks or buy a large glass bottle to get your fruit & veg intake in for the week with a healthy organic juice. Try a Irish made Kombucha or a non-dairy vegan organic milk like oat, coconut, lupine, soya, almond, cashew, hazelnut, rice, hemp and much more.

Organic Food Cupboard

We have some of the best producers of organic, plant based and vegan friendly products including sauces, oils, pasta, tofu, cleaning products and tasty award winning French biscuits and snacks. We stock Organic vegan chocolate bars, jellies and crisps to plant based household cleaning products and even pet food.

Zero Waste Dispenser

Plastic has consumed all our lives and the oceans surrounding us. Just buy what you need, when you need it, from our organic zero waste dispensers. A snack treat of goji berries to a dinner of lemon saffron pasta or lentils. Use an in store paper bag provided or bring your own container to get the organic products you need for your dinner or the week ahead.


If you spray a chemical on a plant, it damages it. Your skin is no different and will absorb what is put on it. We have a full range of organic plant based cosmetics; deodorants, shampoo, lip balm, hand creams, shaving foam, soaps, male & female hygiene, baby products and much more. Veganic products are always natural, vegan friendly and organic to keep you looking and feeling your best by using only the highest quality plant based cosmetics. At Veganic we have the best award winning organic cosmetic brands such as Sante, Urtekram and Neobio to mention a few.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

A diet rich in organic whole foods is healthy & delicious. If passing call in for a snack of Goji berries or organic cashew nuts from our self serve dispensers or a fresh crunchy organic apple. When cooking meals we have Irish locally grown kale, carrots, celery, potatoes, cucumber and many other vegetables from a organic farm on the edge of Dublin alongside international organically certified fruits & vegetables like mango, pineapple, sweet potato, valencia oranges and much more. Many supermarkets do not deal with their producers fairly which at a minimum leads to an inferior product. Veganic products are good for you, fair to the grower and the environment. We also have locally baked fresh organic bread available daily.

- We want YOU

Quality Producers.

Organic status is a high recognition to achieve and Veganic is the only certified store in Dublin city centre and one of the few in Ireland certified by the Organic Trust.

Are you a producer of Organic, Plant Based, Vegan products?
Do you have a favourite product you would like us to stock?
We would love to hear from you.

There are many really good Irish producers we would love to stock. One problem. They are not organically certified. Lets help make Ireland a leading superpower in organics and plant based products and ask these suppliers to get organically certified. We all deserve to use and consume products that are pesticide and chemical free.

Veganic constantly seeks out the highest quality producers and only stock the best 100% organic plant based and vegan products so if you know of a producer who is almost there, ask them to step up to the plate and get organically certified. Both the Organic Trust and the Irish Organic Association are here to help. Together lets help make Ireland a leader in organics and plant based products.

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